Can You Really Change Your Hair ?

We believe that the hair you were born with is not the hair you have to live with !

This year we have taken on a completly new approach to your hair care,

making it even easier for you to clean, condition and control your hair with less harmful chemicals and with fabulous results.


The fast-paced world that we live in and our modern lifestyle habits make it difficult to find the perfect balance for all aspects of our life, leading us to make daily choices that affect our health and ultimately, our hair.
When taking care of our hair, we have gotten used to only treating it cosmetically, relying on quick hair fixes. They give the impression of shiny, healthy hair, when in fact, they only offer instant, superficial results, not treating hair from the core.
It is time for a different approach to treating hair. Discover a new and holistic take on hair beauty.
We introduce you Eksperience™, the first thalassotherapy hair ritual as a different approach to hair care.
Thalassotherapy involves the use of seawater and other marine ingredients, owing to their abundance of properties, as a form of therapy.
It renders all the Wisdom of the Sea into wellness beauty rituals for the hair and scalp, offering extraordinary results that can be taken to the next level by our very own hands. Marine ingredients make formulas which treat, nourish and replenish the hair and scalp, more effective.
The SEA is at the heart of Eksperience™ with the Aquamaris Complex: an exclusive blend of pure seawater and marine ingredients.
Aquamaris Complex formulated with:
  • Noirmoutier sea spring water, which is rich in trace elements and seeps up from the seabed at a constant temperature of 14ºC ensuring its beneficial properties remain active and unaltered.
  • Fucus vesiculous algae and actin protein to aid the distribution of the Aquamaris Complex over the scalp and hair.
  • Specific algae, which is rich in enzymes, proteins, minerals and vitamins, for each different Eksperience™ treatment.
SCIENCE is present in every product in the Eksperience™ range as well as nature, each ingredient works in perfect harmony with one another and is proven safe to use and outstandingly effective.
SENSES are awaken with each Eksperience™ specific beauty rituals for hair shine, nourishment, reconstruction and hydration. They all involve each and every one of our senses, with the purpose of restoring the customer’s sense of balance and wellbeing while enhancing the effectiveness of our hair treatments.
We have worked to increase our awareness and reduce our impact on the environment, which is why use FSC-certified paper from sustainable, ethically-managed forests and source recyclable plastic and glass for our bottles. These are just some of the steps we have taken as part of the long journey that we would like to undertake together with you as a result of our deep respect for the ocean and the planet.
We are members of the salon collective striving to make our salon fully recycle everything we use 
 our new shampoo units use less water, the hair we collect is being used to soak up oil spills and any unused hair colour  is being collected and not sent to the water system.
We have a way to go but caring for your hair now also cares for our city.

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