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Dr Seebaran Suite, known to her patients as Dara, is our doctor and a surgeon who has performed over 8000 cosmetic treatments. She uses her training in plastic surgery and works in partnership with her clients to enhance the way they look and feel.

When in our salon, Dara works in the separate beauty room, and creates a nice and relaxing environment. Our beauty room is located downstairs the salon and has it’s own facilities.

Available on Fidays 10am – 1pm, we are so pleased to tell you that Dara offers free 15min online or in person consultations on her aesthetic services.

• Botulinum Injections
• Dermal Filler
• Skin Boosters and Collagen Stimulators
• PDO Threads
• Mole, Skin Tag and Wart Removal
• Devices
• Micro-sclerotherapy for Lower Limb Telangiectasia/Thread Veins
• Skin Analysis and Products
• Nutrition

Read all about Dara’s education, qualifications, work experience etc:

 Aesthetic CV December 2022

See some of Dara’s work on her Instagram and her website


Book in a free consultation, available every Friday 10am – 1pm online or in person in our salon at

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Dr Seebaran Suite,is known to her patients as Dara