Summer 2024 Hairstyle and Hair Colour Trends


Versatility, Natural Texture and Fun Bold Hair for Dressing Up


Sky-High Volume: Big, voluminous hair is making a comeback.
Shag Haircuts: Layered, textured mullet cuts for an effortless natural look.
Blunt Bobs: Sleek, short cuts with precision cuts for a perfect style and balance.
Curtain Bangs: Face-framing, soft bangs are stylish and easy to grow out.
Curls and Waves: Perfect for summer -this is the season to learn how to embrace your hair’s natural movement.
Braids: Beautiful Practical and chic.


Summer 2024 hair colour trends are all about embracing both bold and subtle transformations, providing a range of options to suit different styles and texture preferences.



Warmer shades are a must.
Honey Blonde: This warm, golden shade evokes a beach vibe and complements a wide range of skin tones.
Buttercream Blonde: Soft and elegant, this shade offers a polished look that’s both chic and understated.
Syrup Blonde: Featuring subtle gold and peachy hues.
Creamy Platinum: A rich, milky blonde with slight beige tones, this colour requires maintenance (toning) for striking, healthy look .

Strawberry Blonde: A sweet, soft blend of blonde and red, perfect for those new to red hues.


Lavender, Peach, Dusty Violet or Icy Blue all beautiful shades that can add a magical touch to your pastel hair and even after fading they leave a wonderful note to your hair.



Brazilian Chocolate: This deep, rich shade incorporates hints of dark spice, adding a luxurious dimension to brunette hair take your natural hair just one shade darker for great intensity.
Soft Espresso: An almost smoky, not-quite-black shade that delivers drama and dimension.

Cherry Cola: A vibrant blend of Blue red and brown, this shade can be customized from black cherry to bright copper and deepest aubergine.



Copper Red: Vibrant, eye-catching colour that goes POP !
Strawberry Blonde: A sweet, soft blend of blonde and red, perfect for those new to red hues.
Golden Copper for both blondes and brunettes, this warm, shining shade enhances your natural warm undertones.


Textured Hair

Your DNA determines the rate at which your hair grows, and there are no products, hairstyles, or treatments that can change that.
However, protective products and hairstyles such as braids and wefts will help to reduce breakage, and less breakage can help you achieve longer hair.
Still, make sure you let your hair rest from protective hairstyles for at least 6-8 weeks as you also need to rest your hair and scalp. Focus on professional hair and scalp treatments and light trims.

Looking for some new shapes?
Style your Afro in a pretty Mohawk or mullet, much requested in salon for many hair textures and use a fine hair net to keep the shape and remould. If you prefer your hair pressed, finish off the treatment with a touch of silk press that will accentuate your new haircut. Box bob is super trendy, just give it a go

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