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It’s Andrew here, founder of Andrew Jose Salon.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you our great customers. I appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our services and movement to improve hair and deliver high-quality, individual great looking affordable hair look for everyone.

This Winter will  be tough on many of us. With rising costs & bills we wanted to do our part , continue to help cut costs where we can & ensure you get the same high-quality service at our lowest possible price. We will hold as many prices as possible at 2022 levels throughout 2023. If however your circumstances change, please ask your stylist to recommend a change to fit your budget. They will offer different services or even one of their younger colleagues – please do ask.

As always, thank you for placing your trust in our stylists.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or even if you just want to say hi – we’re always around and happy to chat – whether in person, by phone, via email or through our social media accounts 🙂


Andrew & Andrew Jose Salon Team


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